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On the way to realizing the dream back in 2003, I got Eli's name and phone number from Rami Shuler - Israel's top vibraphonist, who lives in Modiin. My son was a roadie for Rami that summer and suggested that Rami should be our drummer - instead Rami made the introduction to Eli and that was a great start.

Our first rehearsal in the high school was a train wreck, but Eli persisted with the ensemble. His firm hand, musicianship and sense of humor continues to guide  the band on the long path of rehearsing, performing and musical improvement.

 Born in 1959, Eli is a gifted saxophonist, EWI artist, conductor, composer and arranger - above all he is a  teacher. A Berklee School grad in music for film and TV, Eli heads the film scoring department at the Rimon School, teaches jazz at the Thelma Yellin High School for performing arts.