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Nov 15,2007 The band played music of the High Windows - arranged for Jazz by Eli. It was the first music performance at the new Modiin Cultural Center and the kickoff of the annual Autumn Music Festival in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut.   
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Aug 11, 2007 - we did a reception at the Maccabim Sports Center. We were called on to play by the pool at the closing ceremony of a summer project  with two high school groups;  from Modiin  and from the Modiin twin city - Rochester.  There were too many speeches but it was a lot more civilized than the shopping center.

Nir Davidov is doing a solo Miles style during Mr. Fonebone - a great Bob Mintzer chart in hip-hop style that starts quietly and build up quickly.

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August 2006  Inbal Wind, the band vocalist - on stage.





April 2006 Setting up before the Israel Festival appearance in the Liberty Bell park in Jerusalem. 

The Holon Big Band closed the evening - and we left thinking - hey, we're amateurs and they're professionals - but they don't sound that much better - and we're sure as heck having a lot more fun.

 June 2006 The Jazz Pipes play Shoshana Damari.

We did a special performance just before Memorial Day in Modiin. The city's arts and music department funded a special evening of 15 charts of classic Moshe Vilenskey songs written for Shoshani Damari and especially arranged for Big Band by Eli Benacot. Not exactly Bob Mintzer - but it was very well received.